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The Stray

The Stray

Opened October 6th, 2017


1 hr. 27 min. - Drama, Family

The Stray tells the true story of how a stray dog, Pluto, comes out of nowhere and impacts the Davis family, who are struggling in many ways. In just a short time, Pluto the wonderdog manages to save a toddler, bring comfort and companionship to a hurting 9-year-old boy, help restore a marriage, and repair a broken father-son relationship. Pluto is not only a guard dog - he's a guardian angel. Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places. Sometimes our prayers get answered in strange ways. Sometimes one dog can change everything.

Director: Mitch Davis

Writer: Mitch Davis
Parker Davis

Cast: Sarah Lancaster
Michael Cassidy
Connor Corum
Scott Christopher
Jacque Gray