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With the stunning awards and recognitions, where do you even begin with Hamilton? It was able to take over the world from its first run which was sold out. It was showed at the Off-Broadway Public Theatre last 2015.

Now, the musical drama sensation infused with hip-hop is located at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The story, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is about the 10 Dollar Founding Father Without A Father. It is a historical epic that has become the arbiter of our times. The message of the drama is highly relevant as it deals with diversity, inclusivity, passion, and resistance from oppression.

The main character of the story, Alexander Hamilton, has been largely overlooked by history. His death caused by Aaron Burr, rather, was greatly emphasized. Lin-Manuel Miranda's first creation came to him while he was having a vacation. He chanced upon the highly praised biography of Ron Chernow.

With that on hand, he began writing the outline for the musical straightaway. The strange story of the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America sparked his interest. He found that the combination of rap, hip-hop and classical music will significantly reflect Alexander Hamilton's life and works. Also, the choice of music will be greatly relatable to present time.

The drama includes samples from one of the greatest and most influential American rapper of all time, Notorious B.I.G. The scornful political disagreements were transformed into rap battles. It sparked excitement and reminded the audience of what happened in the past.

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In 2016, Hamilton received 16 nods and 11 trophies from Tony Awards. At present, it still continues to break the records. It has become a blockbuster in Chicago and a national tour. In October 2017, it would open in the West End of London.

Hamilton was able to capture the imagination of the public around the world. It presented a different kind of musical genre with its unique twist. The Hamilton Mixtape, presented by various contemporary artists, debuted and went on top of the Billboard 200. All cheap Hamilton Tickets in one place. Get the best seats at the lowest price with cineluxtheatres.com

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