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"Dear Evan Hansen" Comes To Broadway

"Dear Evan Hansen" has won a lot of fans after its intense, bittersweet debut at the Second Stage Theater Off Broadway. Bringing it onto the Great White Way seems like a daunting task and possibly a bad fit. Michael Greif, the show's original director at both the Second Stage and in its original run at Arena Stage, manages to transfer the show to the Music Box Theater on Broadway without any slip-ups. Dear Evan Hansen Tickets are on sale now. Ben Platt shines in the lead role as a high school senior struggling to survive. With music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the musical side of this show reaches deeply into the needy, tortured psychological landscape of the protagonist.

Evan Hansen (Platt) starts off as a painfully isolated youngster who is tied in absolute knots by the very idea of social interaction. David Korins has carefully read the character's shyness to create an abstract set using sheer screens. Bits and pieces of online activity blend into the background, evoking the very communication skills that Evan is so sorely lacking.

Pasek and Paul's score is filled with meaningful lyrics pulled artfully out of the language of Steven Levenson's original book. "Waving Through a Window" features the immensely powerful "Is anybody waving back at me?" as its closing line. Similarly, in the haunting "For Forever," the song closes with the powerful lines "Two friends / True friends / On a perfect day."

Platt is undoubtedly the beating heart and soul of the production. It seems virtually certain that this will be looked back on as his career-defining breakout role. The terror, desolation, and eventual acceptance he navigates through give him ample opportunity to show off subtle and finely-tuned acting. From his apologetic body language to his evasive words, Platt invests Evan Hansen with an inescapable sadness. He's also able to underline the performance with very subtle humor and sweetness, though. It's incredibly easy to root for Evan, even as he struggles with social interactions and makes more than a few bad decisions. While everyone is likely to be moved by this masterful performance, younger audience members are particularly likely to recognize and admire what they see here. We hope that we were useful for you with our online deals on Music Box Theatre NY Tickets - Dear Evan Hansen tickets are on sale now - NYC.