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Nominated for every BEST MUSICAL award of the season

Come From Away Musical Overview

Come From Away has garnered 7 Tony nominations, not the least of which is Best Musical! A Critics' Pick from the New York Times, the show features the amazing true story of a whopping 7,000 passengers that found themselves stranded in Newfoundland. Remarkably, the town welcomed them with open arms. Even so, there was plenty of culture clash, and emotions ran high. Among the uneasiness, trust and friendship eventually developed, showcasing the power of the human spirit.

Show Summary

Come From Away is one of the most uplifting new musicals of recent times. It showcases human compassion, and how we can all come together to lift each other up in the face of dire circumstances. Written by the Canadian team of David Hein and Irene Snakoff, the show details the story of over 38 planes having an emergency landing in Gander, Newfoundland after the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks. Based on extensive research and interviews with the passengers and residents that went through the real event, the show has accurate details of how the small community managed to welcome their sudden guests.

While the overall story is much larger, Come From Away simplifies a bit by focusing on the passengers of just one of the planes, as well as a smaller number of residents that welcomed them. Among the cast is the first female pilot from American Airlines, an Egyptian chef, and a gay couple that share the same name. The personalities of each character shine through, and the diversity gives a great sense of how people from entirely different walks of life can come together when it really matters the most.

Show History

In 2015, Come From Away had its debut in San Diego at the La Jolla Playhouse. The show then moved to the Rep Theatre in Seattle. It went on to break the venue's box office records in short order. Its run was even extended due to the demand. The eventual Broadway production went on to great reviews as well, and now it's the proud recipient of 7 Tony Awards.
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